Jordan 2NT vs. ReDouble

                 Jordan 2NT vs Redouble after 1© or 1ª– Dbl


Jordan 2NT is a convention used only after a takeout double of a one-of-a-suit opening:
© - DBl – 2NT* …]  (* means Alertable)


It shows a Limit Raise or better in the opener’s suit.  Note that if the opponent bid a
suit, responder would cue-bid it to show a Limit Raise. [1
ª - Dbl - 2ª …].

This is why Jordan 2NT is used only over a takeout double of a suit opener.


Direct raises of opener’s suit could (should) be weak: [1© - DBl - 3© …]
showing 4 Hearts and a few points, depending primarily on vulnerability.


This is the traditional definition of Jordan 2NT, but there’s one important fact not clear in
this definition: does the Jordan 2NT bidder show 3 trumps or 4?  Often that is a critical
question for opener, and the 4th trump can make all the difference in going to game or
not.  It would be great if Jordan always showed 4 trumps, but then what do we bid with
only 3 trumps and limit raise strength?


The answer: ReDouble to show a 3-piece Limit Raise.  [1ª - Dbl – ReDbl* …]


ReDouble is an odd bid at any time using its traditional definition. “Partner, I have
10+ points but can’t raise your suit; can’t bid NoTrump, don’t have another suit to
bid, etc.”   It comes up at least once a year.  Better is to use it to complement our
Jordan 2NT bid, but showing just 3 trumps rather than 4.  In this way, Jordan
shows a guaranteed 4 trumps Limit Raise.


[1ª - Dbl – 2NTl* …]   A 4 trump limit raise

[1ª - Dbl – ReDbl* …] A 3 trump limit raise.



Jordan 2NT After a Minor Suit Opening?

Playing Inverted Minors at all times makes Jordan 2NT unnecessary after a minor suit
opening and takeout double: [1
§ - Dbl - 2§ or 3§ …] (See the Inverted Minors Blurb)

[1¨ – Dbl – 2NT …]  Not alertable.  2NT in this auction has the “standard” meaning:
no 4 card major, 10+ to 12 HCP, NoTrump shape with major suit stoppers and not long
Diamond support.

 (c) Bob McConnell, 2011