Inverted Minors

                            Inverted Minors


Inverted Minors is a convention whereby raises of minor suit openers are reversed (i.e., inverted):


[1§ - 1© - 2§…]  2§ is a limit raise+ that shows 5 Clubs, without Spades.

[1§ - P - 3§…]    3§ is a preemptive raise showing 5 Clubs, no major; alertable.


An auction such as [1§ -  P - 2§…]   (not inverted, showing a few points and some Clubs)
is an open invitation for opponents to takeout double or otherwise find their major suit fit.
(When we have an 8+ card fit, they also have an 8+ card fit, but theirs is probably in a major –
a basic premise of competitive bidding).


Playing inverted minors, the auction becomes [1§ - P - 3§…], still showing a few points and
some Clubs, but now the opponents have to start their search at the 3-level.  This 3
§ bid is
alertable; over an overcall, it is not!


An inverted minor auction of [1§ -  P - 2§…] still shows the lack of a 4 card major, but the
opener and responder have the majority of HCP points, and opponents will have a dangerous
entry into this auction, as neither opener nor responder is limited.  This 2
§ bid is alertable.


Some play that a jump shift response of the other minor shows a game-forcing response:
§ - P - 2¨…]  On the way to game, most often in 3NT. Interesting.


What about Interference over a minor suit opening?


Many play that Inverted Minors are OFF after interference; some play it’s off except over an
opponent’s takeout double:


[1§ - 1© - …]  Inverted minors is off.

[1¨ - Dbl -...]  Inverted minors is still on.


It seems easier to remember and simpler to play that Inverted Minors are on in all cases:
what’s the reason to call it off?  One less thing to forget and one less exception are always
good things! 


So, in the above examples, with inverted minors on, it becomes:

§ - 1© - 2§…]   2§ is a limit raise+ and shows 5 Clubs, without Spades; alertable

[1¨ - Dbl - 3¨...]  3¨ is a preemptive raise (less than 10 HCP) with 5 Diamonds





Remembering that a 1¨ opening shows 4+ Diamonds 90% of the time, and a 1§ opening
shows 4+ Clubs 85% of the time, sometimes it’s OK to make an inverted minor raise with only
4 trumps, but you should have some extra strength because you could (10 to 15% of the time)
end up in a 3 – 4 fit.  Also, you must NOT play “could be short” Club openings, as this could
open the door to a 2 – 4 fit!


What does 2NT mean over A Dbl OF A MINOR OPENING? 


[1¨ - Dbl – 2NT...]  2NT without the intervening double would mean a 10+ to 12 point hand
without a 4+ card major and without 5 Diamonds.   I suggest it means the same in this auction.
Why not?   


With a major suit opening, the 2NT response would be Jordan, showing a (4-piece) Limit Raise.
(See the Jordan 2NT Blurb elsewhere.)  But we don’t need Jordan with the minors when we play
inverted minors are always on. In the above auction, with Diamonds, responder could bid 2
¨ or
¨, according to her strength, to show a limit raise or less.





[1§ - P - 3§…]    3§ is a preemptive raise showing 5 Clubs, no major; alertable.

Opener will often pass, bid 3NT or preempt opponent’s major bidding by raising Clubs to the
4 or 5-level.


[1§ - P - 2§…]    2§ is a limit raise showing 5 Clubs, no major; 10+ HCP and alertable.
Opener and responder should then bid stoppers up-the-line, looking for a NoTrump contract. 
If there’s an open suit, you will play in 3 of 4 of the minor suit.

 (c) Bob McConnell, 2011