Over Opponent’s Takeout Double





This is where you must indicate to your opponents the meaning of your bids after they
double for takeout. [1
¨ – Dbl – ? …]. 


For example, is [1¨ – Dbl – 1© …] forcing in your system of bidding?


Is [1© – Dbl – 2§ …] forcing? 


What does a bid of 2NT mean in this auction [1¨ – Dbl – 2NT …]? 


Is a jump shift (a bid in a new suit one level higher than necessary) Weak? Invitational? Forcing?


As you see in the author’s section at the right, new suits should be forcing one round, unless responder is a passed hand.


Jump responses, as always, should be weak.  (recommended)


The Jordan 2NT Convention can be used to show a Limit Raise, as all direct raises should be weak at all times. This is not a Limit Raise as all direct raises are weak.

© – Dbl – 3© …].  This is a Limit Raise, using the Jordan convention [1© – Dbl – 2NT* …]


See Lessons on Limit Raises, Limit Raises in Competition and Jordan 2NT in Chapter III for more information.
















(c) Bob McConnell, 2010